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Welcome to the WineCab Owners Club

A Celebration of Art, Wine, and Lifestyle

WineCab Club is for the elite who are used to the best the world has to offer. Join the most exclusive club of refined enthusiasts all with one thing in common -- the taste for the very best in luxury and technology for your personal wine collection.

Private Events

You get invited to private VIP events at select locations in major cities around the country where sommelier-led tastings of valuable vintages and fellow WineCab owners will make each event unique and difficult to forget.

The First Gift

You receive the WineCab Welcome gift of our favorite rare bottle of the season delivered to your home to give you a taste of what the Owners Club will deliver.

The Owners' Reserve

You get exclusive access to the WineCab Owners’ Reserve, a virtual cellar of rare wines from our partner wine distributors and private vineyards that no one else will have.

Share Your Collection

You get the platform to share your collection with fellow WineCab owners so rare bottles can be procured or even exchanged at your leisure.

WineCab Escapes

You get invited to participate in vineyard tours that entail a beautiful getaway at one of our partner vineyards and a one-of-a-kind tasting experience and gift.