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About WineCab

WineCab's story begins in 1995 in Rochester, New York. Fascinated by robotic technology, Mark Chaney founded Calvary Robotics, now a world leader in robotic platform design and automated manufacturing in the Automotive, Healthcare, Consumer Goods, Electronics, and Renewable Energy sectors. Recognizing the limitations of existing premium wine storage and service systems, Mark and his team combined the deep technological capabilities of Calvary Robotics with the needs and desires of oenophiles worldwide to create WineCab.

Using robotics and AI integration to enhance the wine lover's experience, WineCab offers precision-controlled temperature and humidity settings, complete cataloging and inventory management, auto-replenishment, and automatic “perfect pour” capabilities to usher forward innovation and state-of-the-art technology in the world of oenology. WineCab is tailored to the unique requirements of wine enthusiasts at all levels – from wine makers and sommeliers to the dinner party extraordinaire. Its elegant and fully customizable design combined with its advanced technology make WineCab the perfect solution for those who seek an elevated and enhanced experience in how wine is enjoyed at home or while out and about. WineCab is proud to be introducing consumer robotics applications in new market segments, starting with the most advanced wine storage and inventory system in the world.

About Calvary Robotics

Calvary Robotics is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of automated assembly, material handling systems, prototype development and testing, as well as a predominant integrator of third-party technology and equipment. Founded in 1995, Calvary serves many industries with core markets being Automotive, Healthcare, Consumer Goods, Electronics and Renewable Energy. Customers range from the Fortune 500 to high-growth mid-size companies. Calvary Robotics has built a reputation for performance, quality, and service.

Calvary is proud of the large number of growing ongoing partnerships built based on value, integrity, and trust. The Calvary mission has always been to provide customers with industry-leading quality, cost, and delivery standards. The global footprint, process optimization, overall capabilities, and performance track record provide customers with assurance of a successful program and of the realization of their innovation and investment. Calvary Robotics is headquartered in Rochester, New York with wholly-owned facilities in Penang, Malaysia as well as Greenville, South Carolina.