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Elevate Your Lifestyle

Captivating Presentation

Beautifully lit by on-demand customizable colors and dimming options, presented in custom-built high end cabinetry of your choice. The gliding and awe-inspiring movements of the robotic arm, and curved wide viewing angle, The WineCab is the ultimate display case for those who treat their wine collections as artworks.

Optimal Environment

Precise temperature and relative humidity control is difficult to achieve, but the WineCab actually does both to ensure the integrity of the aging process. Users will have access to real-time analytics and temperature control from any mobile device. The refrigeration system maintains industry-leading environmental stability (temperature, humidity, UV) because it is perpetually sealed in reinforced glass, preventing the external air from affecting the internal environment.

Share the Experience

Gather your guests and share notable facts behind your collection and its unique story at the heart of the home, while engaging them in the fun selection process. The WineCab can be a focal point in your home, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for everyone on any occasion.

The Single Pour

Let the WineCab serve the perfect single-serving pour by extracting only what’s needed and keeping your bottles corked. Your collection will be preserved in pristine condition so you can enjoy the next glass at your leisure, whenever that may be.

A Wealth of Knowledge

With information on more than a half-million bottles of wine, the WineCab acts as a virtual sommelier for your collection, providing you with up-to-date expert tasting notes, storied vineyard information, food pairing recommendations, and much more.

Advanced Technology

The crown jewel of the WineCab is its robotic arm integrating the latest in collaborative technology meant to work side by side with humans. Collaborative technology includes features such as safety monitored stop, guide robot by hand, and power and force limiting capabilities ensuring gentle and precise operations. The robotic arm determines the height and weight of the bottle to smoothly present it and its label to the WineCab’s visual recognition system. Furthermore, the WineCab can facilitate the perfect single-serving pour straight into your wine glass without ever uncorking a bottle.